Beneath The Froth

This happens almost every time. I sip onto the rich, thick foam of coffee and gracefully acknowledge it as my first encounter with the romantic journey that would last one cup (at a time). After a couple of subsequent sips from the creamy layer, my tongue is met – to its burning surprise – with the hot liquid coffee liquid. The tip of my tongue goes numb, and quite so to my advantage for if it could then speak, it would remind me of the numerous times it’s cried out to be careful and not be misled by the lukewarm texture of the forth. 

The steaming coffee after the creamy froth is like a jolt to my sleeping thought. It reminds me of how the surface of any situation – despite the rich, creamy and gentle countenance – has a lot to more to offer. The depth of this situation is multi-dimensional and it should be approached with ease and calm lest you get carried away with the creamy froth and burn your tongue before you can even enjoy the coffee. The first sip of the hot coffee is always critical, and more often than not, this inaugural sip is the difference between the joy of your receptive tongue or the numb sensation of a repulsive one. Quite to our disappointment, the depth of our situation can at times be contrary to its froth. How often have we left our coffee unfinished despite slurping onto a delectable froth?

I believe the same is with the world around us. There’s a lot to be mined and learnt from the elements of society. Scratching the surface can only be a start to an endless quest to understand more about a situation. In every failure could be a story of vanity, and in every success a legacy of disappointments. Every new concept ever propounded could have remnants of what we already know, and everything we know could have a surprise of the unknown. Everything that seems comfortably predictable could have an unearthed reason for uncertainty. Everything that makes you unique could have a connect with me, and everything that’s peculiar to my life, could surprisingly be peculiar to yours too.

Beneath the gentle froth is hot, steaming coffee. And if the temperatures of both match perfectly according to your tongue, something’s really wrong. Heat the coffee again…look for new information.


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